The Backpacker Checklist

Backpacking is awesome! It’s a terrific way to re-acquaint yourself with Nature, spend some time with some friends and, maybe, even get a little exercise. Plus, some of us just love all the cool gear we are able to justify buying. Sure, some of it’s frivolous, but it all seems essential to be prepared for any situation.

As cool as that gear can be, those toys can quickly add up to some substantial weight. And you’ve got to carry it! (Well, we’ve met some guys who use llamas to carry their gear, but that’s another story!)

At some point you find yourself wavering under a heavy load. Y’know, you figured you’d better bring an extra set of AAs in case your GPS runs low. Or, you had to bring the solar charger for your iPhone so you could listen to tunes in your tent. As you bring up the tail end of your group, thighs burning, up-hill seeming unending, feet hot and sweaty….

….you start to think: There must be a better way!

And you start getting into lightweight backpacking. Hey, the real geeks are down to about 10-pound packs. They’re sewing their own bags and sleeping bags, scraping together pine-needles instead of carrying a sleeping pad.

We’re not all going to go that far. But we certainly do care about how much weight we’re lugging around. And we also love feeling organized and getting our gear all setup ahead of time.

That all leads up to The Backpacker Checklist application for the iPhone. The application helps you to choose what to bring, figure out in advance how much it all weighs, and ultimately help you get it all together.

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