Some Tent Etiquette

Some things are okay to do in a tent, but only if it’s a one-man tent.  Tent etiquette people!

Three of us did a quick backpacking trip up into some mountains in the snow. We each had our own bivy for the night. It was really, really cold and we each did what we needed to do to make it through the night.

Personally, I hate getting up in the middle of a freezing cold night to pee. I usually sleep in shorts and a t-shirt and that is not a fun way to experience icy weather. But, when you gotta go, you gotta go. On a cold night like that, I just crawled out enough to kneel and pee next to my bivy.

Apparently, my friends are more creative than I am. They both thought that it made sense to bring a Gatorade bottle into their bivy’s and use them as urinals. That way they didn’t even have to get out of their sleeping bags. Just unzip a little and they’re good to go. Not my thing, but it works for them.

We eventually moved on to some warmer conditions and a little car camping. I have a 3-man tent and two of us were going to sleep in it. As we’re getting ready to turn in for the night, my buddy comments that he needs to find his Gatorade bottle. I had to raise a red flag. I just couldn’t imagine that I might wake up next to my buddy as he’s relieving himself in a Gatorade bottle.

I think that basic tent etiquette dictates that you cannot pee right next to your tent-mate.

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