How to start an app for iPhone

I can’t speak for anyone else who write apps as an avocation in addition to a vocation.  However, I can tell you how I might start an app for iPhone.

It’s a sort of typical Saturday in my house.  My 7-year-old daughter, the Veeb, is watching some videos on Youtube.  She falls in love with Bentley.  She is incredibly eager to figure out a way to get Bentley for herself.  She could wait until Christmas and her odds are pretty good that Santa will come through for her.  But Christmas is a really long time away for a 7-year-old.

So my wife and daughter start talking about what the Veeb can do to earn enough money to buy Bentley herself.  My wife ends up setting up a “chore chart” for our daughter.  Using the chore chart, the Veeb can see what chores she can do and how much money she can earn by doing them.  As part of this, my wife also sets up a ledger to track debits and credits so the Veeb can see how much money she has “on account.”

There are a couple of efficiencies I see:

  • How do we keep track of the fact that a chore has been done today and doesn’t need to be done for another 3 days?  For example, you can’t sweep the garage floor twice in a day and expect to get paid twice.
  • The Veeb has brothers…so how do we sort of share chores amongst the kids?

So it seems like this could be a good app.  Here are some features that seem like they’d be useful in our family:

  • Share across multiple accounts.  My wife and I have different iCloud accounts, but we should see the same set of chores and actions.
  • We should be able to see the history of chores performed.
  • Each chore should have a dollar value and the child’s account should automatically be credited when the chore is done.
  • Chores should not be eligible to be performed until the system says it’s okay.  Again, you can’t sweep the garage a second time until a preset amount of time has elapsed.
    • A child should be able to look and see what chore are available so she can choose what to do and how much to make.

It leads to an SMS exchange:

PR: Do your kids do chores? Do you guys keep track of who does what and when? Use charts?
YA: My wife does have a system yes 🙂 it’s not extremely rigid at this point compared to what my mom did 🙂
PR: My daughter wants to earn $100 for a pet robot dog. So they setup a “chore chart” but it’s not apparent how they’ll keep track of what gets done.
And then, when she has cleaned junk out of the car today, she shouldn’t be able to do it again for X days. Don’t know how we’ll keep track of that.
Plus some I’ll keep track of. And some Alexis will keep track of. And some Sam may keep track of. Seems like a “family app” sort of thing
YA: Yeah I agree. Our kids can only make cash on special tasks. Some chores they have to do with no pay. They get payed for points on and for fancy words that they can give a concise definition on. Some special chores around the house could get them cash along with cleaning car etc…
But my wife won’t pay them for chores she thinks they should be doing on a regular basis like emptying dishwasher cleaning their room folding laundry etc
In addition my oldest daughter has one day a week where she does her own wash
PR: That reminds…I gotta move some laundry! LOL
YA: Hehehe. Just moved a load myself 🙂
PR: Our kids don’t have any allowance and the chores we generally have had them help with are small and haphazard.
YA: Yeah same my kids no allowance either
Not to say I don’t give them cash when they need something 🙂
They always know to come to me haha
PR: The Veeb really wants to earn some money so we’re trying to help her out by letting her do stuff we don’t normally ask her to do. I did the same with Sam. He often babysits now for money.
YA: Sucker!
PR: LOL, hard to say “no”
YA: Yeah that’s great
Yes it is 🙂
PR: The Veeb was just saying: “Can I do more? …. I don’t wanna take a break!”
YA: Hehe awesome
PR: It seems like the type of data sharing amongst a family that begs for some organization via an app/site
YA: Yeah agreed

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