Designing a new iPhone app

My plan has been to work on promoting the Backpacker Checklist.  I can write software for apps and get them published in the App Store.  My partner and I would like to learn a bit more about marketing apps.  So we’re focussing on the app.

But I had an idea few weeks ago.  I keep thinking about it and it’s a bit of a distraction for me.  I keep wanting to work on the new app.  However I know we’re not yet finished with the Backpacker Checklist yet.  So I keep setting aside the new idea.

Nonetheless I couldn’t help spending a few minutes to draw out some thoughts.  I can’t help but want to spend time designing a new iPhone app.  It may be interesting to see whether a final app, if one comes to fruition, is close in design to these initial drawings.

Some initial screen ideas...old school storyboarding!

Some initial screen ideas…old school storyboarding!

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