Backpacking Gear List: Post-Hike Review

One of my friends reviewed his backpacking gear list from a recent adventure…here’s what he thought.

Here’s what the man says…

I just did an inventory of the items that I didn’t need to bring and it comes out to a whopping 17.3 pounds!!!! If I really put some more thought into other things and got some lighter weight gear (pack etc.) then I could probably trim around 20 pounds and still have a great time.

Here’s a summary of what made up the 17.3 pounds:

  • Excess Food (6.5 lbs):
    • Trip Tip (2.3 lbs). Could have brought other food source with same calories and much less weight. [This was extremely popular with the group though!]
    • Excess dehydrated food packets.
    • Shallots and Garlic
    • Olive Oil
    • Excess condiments
    • Excess power bars
    • etc.
  • Things I definitely didn’t need (6.4 lbs):
    • Solar panel
    • iPhone
    • Extra sunglasses
    • Candle Lantern
    • Bear bell
    • Toiletry Case (not the toiletries – just the case)
    • KBar
    • Extra Long Johns
    • Duct Tape
    • Bungee Cord
    • A 3rd shirt (2 is enough)
    • Wife Beater
    • 3rd pair of socks (this was actually an accident because my other socks were at the bottom of the pack and I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting while I unpacked everything)
    • Bourbon
  • Items I’m on the fence about and may bring next time (4.4 lbs):
    • National Geographic Magazine
    • Extra fuel (white gas)
    • Bather/BoardShorts (I only had one other pair of shorts/pants so would may bring this next time).
    • Rope
    • Monocular
    • Tripod
    • Thermal Shirt
    • Gloves
    • Food bowl (I could really use my mug for all food and drink).
    • Towel
    • Spare headlamp batteries
    • Bug Spray (Deet)
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