Backpacking Food Plans and Sharing Food

Our regular group of guys usually plans to share some food.

I have a regular group of guys with whom I love to go backpacking. On one trip or another we will have other people join us. We’re all happy to loop our friends into our adventures whenever we can. However, it seems like we haven’t added to our “regular group” in many years. There are some great advantages to having your usual crew.  Our backpacking food plans are made easier.

We all know how much each of us loves to eat well when we are backpacking. Our regular joke is that we are the only group of guys who actually gain weight while backpacking. Occasionally we’ll toss in “We were lost in the woods for 4 days and gained 10 pounds!”

We’re all pretty athletic and in good shape. We just love to eat. So we started sharing food and that has become an expected part of our backpacking trips.

It started as just “Hey, you gotta taste this” and it’s evolved into one person cooking his meal and then passing around so we can all have some. A little while later someone else will be inspired to cook something up and pass it around. It’s a lot of fun to share the taste experiences and adds quite a bit of variety to your menu.

This ritual has lead to some funny joking around:
“I’m so full from third breakfast.”
“I know, dude, I gotta put off first lunch for a while.”

Some of the great taste treats we’ve discovered:

* MRE’s — military rations that are kind of heavy but quite tasty and full of calories
* Pre-packaged salmon — very tasty on some crackers and an amazing treat when camping
* Lawry’s Seasoning Salt — a lot of fairly bland dehydrated meals can be “kicked up a notch” easily.

We are lucky that we don’t have any food allergies in our group. One of the guys is usually vegan and last trip he was even working a “raw foods only” diet. We just leave him on his own for food.  We do make sure to make plenty of jokes at his expense though!


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