A Quick Day Hike

I just found out how delightful a quick day hike can be.

I was texting about some nerdy thing or another with my buddy last week.  Currently he does not have a full-time day job.  So he had free time during the day.  In contrast I do have a full-time (and then some) day job.  While we were texting he suggested that we do a quick two-mile loop we know during lunch some day.

My initial thinking:

That’s just a ridiculous idea.  There’s no way I can take off from work and go for a hike during the day! I don’t have time to leave the office.  It might take up to two hours.  I’m too busy to do that.

Then I started thinking a little more about life:

Do I really want to spend my life, my life, bound to the office? Why am I doing so much of this work stuff if I don’t get to indulge in some things for myself???? Y’know what, I can take some time out of the middle of the day.  I should take some time for myself.  I should enjoy a couple of hours with a good friend.

So we made plans to get together and do a quick hike in the middle of a weekday.

He picked me up at work around 11:30am and we drove over to Sage Ranch Park.  It was great to have the time to chat while driving.  The trail was a loop of about two miles.  The views were spectacular.  The air was cool.  The air was clear thanks to recent wind and rain.

As beautiful as it was for the eyes, it was even better for my soul.  I just looked at my phone and saw that, despite the beauty, there are no photos.  I was enjoying the company of my friend and the revivification of getting outside and walking.  I was in the moment.  And definitely not in the office!

I’m looking forward to taking time out from another workday to enjoy another quick day hike!

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