The Backpacker Checklist App


The Backpacker Checklist App

Backpacker Checklist


The Backpacker Checklist is THE way to prepare for your next backpack adventure. And if backpacking is your next adventure then look no farther! Our comprehensive backpacking checklist is your guide to packing smart and remembering to pack everything you need to bring.  Of course, we think our app is a very useful tool to help manage you packing.  Hopefully you will find our gear suggestions helpful.

Our Backpacker Checklist app will help you:

  • Plan ahead for what to bring
  • Calculate how much your pack will weigh
  • Assist in eliminating stuff you don't want/need to carry
  • Huge list of items to consider
  • Super easy to mark
    • what you're going to bring
    • what you might bring
    • what's already packed
  • Add anything you find missing (or change or delete items)
  • Group items by function
  • Indicate the weight of items (that we haven't already weighed)
  • Provide an estimate of what you’ll be hauling along the trail
  • Store and switch between your gear lists for multiple trips
  • See the weights of items according to the "status" you assign to them and by how you use it
  • Use metric or English units